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Democratic VS Republican 2008 United States presidential election, 2008 scheduled for Tuesday, November 4, 2008, will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President of the United States and Vice President of the United States. The two major parties' candidates have not been officially chosen, but their presumptive nominees are John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona, for the Republican Party and Barack Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois, for the Democratic Party.

Edited: there was a mistake on the immigration issues, but it's now fixed. Sorry about that.
Edited: the Iraq's issues

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last contribution by theonisius | posted on 2008-06-11 | 7546 views |
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Barack Obama John McCain
Iraq Supports capping troop levels, and wants full US withdrawal. While not a Senator at the time, he has opposed the war from the start. Supports current Administration plan.
Foreign Affairs Supports more monitoring of nuclear technology to make sure it stays out of terrorist hands. Believes more needs to be done to stop conflict in Africa. Believes Iran's nuclear proliferation is a grave risk, and could further destabilize the region.
Homeland Security Wants Homeland Security money targeted more towards high-risk areas. Supports better protection for chemical plants. Wants more tracking of spent nuclear fuel so it doesn't end up in terrorist hands. Supports Patriot Act and wants intelligence officials to have all tools they need. Opposes detaining enemy combatants without legal rights.
Immigration Supports path to citizenship for illegals already in the country, while tightening current border patrol. Supports a fence along Mexican border. Supports tougher laws to keep illegals from finding jobs. Supports granting citizenship to illegals already here as long as they pay fines and back taxes.
Economy Supports tax incentives to companies that keep jobs in the US. Believes NAFTA needs to be renegotiated to protect American economy. Supports lowering taxes to help small businesses.
Education Supports rewarding good teachers with better pay, and expanding summer learning programs. Wants to increase federal grants for college education. Supports sending federal dollars directly to local schools, cutting back on red tape.
Energy Supports more renewable energies, and wants to look into clean coal uses to get the US away from foreign oil dependency. Proposed giving automakers help with health coverage in exchange for more hybrid production. Supports alternative energies, and wants to look at nuclear possibilities.
Climate Change Believes global warming will bring devastating consequences if it's not stopped. Supports capping emissions with incentives to corporations that cut greenhouse gases. Believes nation can't ignore global warming. Supports cutting emissions through market forces that will bring about cleaner technology.
Health Supports universal health care, and believes government should buy prescription drugs in bulk to reduce costs. Wants hospitals to be graded on performance and make a switch to cost-effective, computerized record-keeping. Supports importing prescription drugs to lower costs.
Social Security Opposes privatization, and believes the system can be fixed with minor changes. Says Social Security is failing, partially because it's being unfairly raided to fund other government programs.
Stem Cell Research Supports embryonic stem-cell research Supports embryonic stem-cell research
Same Sex Marriage Supports civil unions, but not same-sex marriage. Opposes same-sex marriage (believes it's a state issue)
Abortion Pro-choice Anti-abortion (believes it's a state, not federal issue)
Gun Control Supports bans on assault weapons and concealed weapons. Supports background checks for gun buyers.
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hansyohanes posted 2008-08-13
You guys are forgetting, Obama economic policy in higher
taxes for those who makes 250,000 or above. High taxes for
oil company. But no higher taxes on anyone makes lesser than
250,000. Mccain support Bush taxes cut.
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deltaarbiter posted 2008-08-08
lol, lots of people arguing. I'm neutral, meaning don't
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jowoah posted 2008-06-21
You're wrong on Obama's Iraq position too. He wants full
withdrawal by March 2008? He wasn't even the nominee yet!
It's more like a minimum of 18 months, so that puts
withdrawal in 2010-2011.
This is so obvious!
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theonisius posted 2008-06-18
So sorry about the error guys, I've fixed the data of the
immigration issues now.
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gilsavage posted 2008-06-18
The list is not factually accurate.
Their positions on immigrants apparently has been switched.
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dalenovak posted 2008-06-18
People are disagreeing due to the fact that on the issue of
Immigration, Barack Obama does NOT support a fence along the
Mexican border. As this is one of the major issues,
especially in the Hispanic community, this represents
dis-information and as such, people disagree.
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wayne54 posted 2008-06-17
hey why there are people disagreein to this?
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