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Periodic Table, Noble Gas part 2 series no description
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last contribution by wayne54 | posted on 2008-06-30 | 2292 views |
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Atomic weight Atomic volume discovered state (s, l, g) melting point boiling point electronegativity Shells electron configuration structure uses toxicity characteristics reaction with air number of isotopes hydride(s) oxide(s) chloride(s) image thermal conductivity electrical conductivity polarizability source abundance earth's crust cost, pure cost, bulk rel. abund. solar system Density @ 293 K
Xenon(Xe) 131.3 37.3 (cm3/mol) 11/30/1897 g 161.3 (K) 165 (K) 2.6 2,8,18,18,8 [Kr] 4d10 5s2 5p6 fcc: face-centered cubic UV-laser, hi intens lamps
unreactive none 9 none XeO3 XeO4 none 0.01 J/m-sec-deg 0 1/mohm-cm 4 (A^3) Air -4.5 (log) 120 $/100g $/100g 0 0
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