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Periodic Table, Alkali Met. part 2 series

Atomic weight 22.99
Atomic volume 23.7 (cm3/mol)
discovered 11/30/1806
state (s, l, g) s
melting point 371.01 (K)
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Comparison of Australian Defender/Defensive Midfielder
Brett Michael Emerton
Emerton was a product of the Australian Institute of Sport and started his career with Sydney olympic in the National Soccer League in August 1996, making 93 appearances and scoring 16 goals.
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Comparison of Australian Striker
Paul Agostino
Early Club Career
Having started his club career at Salisbury United, the South Australian striker burst on to the national scene in 1991 in his first season at senior level with West Adelaide SC in the old and now defunct NSL. It was at this time that "Aga" was picked in the Australian World Youth Championships squad - a squad which contained the likes of Paul Okon and Mark Bosnich during one of Australia's 'Golden Generations' - which made the semi-finals of that competition.
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Comparison of Austrian Defender
Franz Schiemer
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Comparison of Austrian Striker
Marc Sand
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Comparison of Austrian Attacking Midfielder
Andreas Herzog
Herzog was well-known for his ability to score stunning free-kicks. He began his career at Rapid Vienna, but was sent out on loan to First Vienna FC [1] during 1987-88. Herzog quickly became successful and was recalled to Rapid to start the 1988-89 season.
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Comparison of Austrian Goalkeeper
Alexander Manninger
Manninger  is currently one of the three elected goalkeepers for Euro 2008's joint host nation.
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Comparison of Belarusian Forward
Vitali Kutuzov
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Comparison of Belgian Defender
Daniel Van Buyten vs. Jelle Van Damme
p>While Daniel Van Buyten was with Manchester City, he, along with players  Djamel Belmadi and Vicente Vuoso, was the victim of a theft by two bankers. In total, bank workers at the Co-operative Bank stole more than 350,000 from the accounts of the three players.

In January 2006, the bank workers, Paul Sherwood, a cashier, and Paul Hanley, his supervisor, were jailed for 32 months and 12 months respectively.

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Comparison of Belgian Defensive Midfielder
Timmy Simons vs. Johan Walem vs. Bart Goor
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Comparison of Belgian Forward
Tom Soetaers
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