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Periodic Table, Alkali Met. part 2 series

Atomic weight 22.99
Atomic volume 23.7 (cm3/mol)
discovered 11/30/1806
state (s, l, g) s
melting point 371.01 (K)
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Comparison of Argentinian Defender
Alexis Maximiliano Machuca
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Comparison of Argentinian Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder
Ariel Miguel Santiago Ibagaza
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Comparison of Argentinian Forward
Roberto Antonio Nanni vs. Emanuel Benito Rivas vs. Javier Pedro Saviola vs. Hugo Norberto Castillo Franco vs. Guillermo Barros Schelotto
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Comparison of Argentinian Striker
Alfredo David Moreno vs. Luciano Gabriel Figueroa vs. Julio Ricardo Cruz vs. Fernando Ezequiel Cavenaghi vs. Alberto Federico Acosta
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Comparison of Argentinian Defensive Midfielder
Javier Adelmar Zanetti vs. Fernando Carlos Redondo Neri
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Comparison of Argentinian Defender/Defensive Midfielder
Nelson David Vivas
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Comparison of Argentinian Attacking Midfielder/Forward
Ariel Arnaldo Ortega
p>He is widely recognised for his blinding pace and outstanding ability from dead ball situations, but most of all for his incredible dribbling ability. At his prime he was one of the best dribblers in the world. He is also famous for his lobbed shots.

Along with his skills, Ortega is infamously temperamental. During the 1998 World Cup, in the quarter-finals against the Netherlands, Ortega received a red card for headbutting Dutch goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar after van der Sar confronted him after a perceived dive. The situation was controversial because Ortega seemed to dive while Van der Sar went down in dramatic fashion from what seemed to be only limited impact from the head-butt [1]. Shortly after Ortega's sending off, Dennis Bergkamp scored the winning goal to make it 2-1, eliminating Argentina.

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Comparison of Australian Forward
Scott McDonald vs. John Aloisi
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Comparison of Australian Midfielder
Stan Lazaridis
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Comparison of Australian Attacking Midfielder/Forward
Harold Kewell
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